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The Musculoskeletal System

Endorsed by St George’s University of London, the book forms a useful clinical anatomy reference and revision guide of the musculoskeletal system. Visualisation is an important method to learn anatomy,


Notes of a Medical Student

It feels like a long time since I have written this column and that’s probably because so much has happened to me in such a short time! The biggest change


5th National Orthopaedic Infection Forum (NOIF)

The meeting began with an overview of the International Consensus Meeting, held in August 2013 in Philadelphia. Several of the faculty were participants in the meeting and Prof Fares Haddad


Preview of Medica 2014 Conference, Düsseldorf, 12–15 November

MEDICA: Success generates inventiveness MEDICA in Düsseldorf has already claimed to be the world’s largest medical trade show. With more than 4,500 exhibitors and 130,000 professional visitors, it is undisputedly


Shoulder arthroscopy: Past, present and future

The Past Arthroscope literally means “to look at joints”. The idea of looking into the human body to visualise internal organs is nothing new. In fact, Philip Bozzini in 1806


I’m sorry about that – The effects of medical negligence claims

Over the past five years, medical negligence claims lodged against NHS staff have risen by 80% and the bill for pay-outs is nearing one-fifth of the total NHS budget. Whereas


Complete Plantar Plate Repair System – Resuscitate your MTP joint correction

The Complete Plantar Plate Repair System treats plantar plate tears and attenuation from a dorsal incision. This single self-contained kit is available to provide solutions for this challenging to treat


Philips Launches Veradius Unity Mobile Surgical Arm

Philips have announced the global launch of the newest addition to its portfolio of surgical imaging systems. The Veradius Unity Mobile Surgical C-arm with Flat Detector was unveiled at the European


New LED illumination for medical loupes from ZEISS

llumination resembling daylight, an evenly illuminated treatment field, a long battery life also for extensive working days and a high wearing comfort – EyeMag Light II, the new LED illumination


Leeds General Infirmary offers improved scanning experience to young patients with new SPECT•CT system

Children undergoing scans at a Leeds hospital are receiving an enhanced experience as a result of the implementation of new SPECT•CT technology. Leeds General Infirmary has been able to offer