May 13-15 2021, World Arthroplasty Congress; Munich

May 13-15 2021, World Arthroplasty Congress; Munich

On behalf of the entire board and faculty of the World Arthroplasty Congress, we hope that all our colleagues and their families are enduring this pandemic with the best health and least disruption possible.

Our World Arthroplasty Congresses held in Paris in 2015 and Rome in 2018 were great successes with attendees representing over 60 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania, Russia and South America.

We are happy to confirm the third World Arthroplasty Congress will be held in Munich on May 13-15, 2021, as originally announced last year. The 3-day interactive agenda, (podium, symposiums, and e-Posters) will be presented by an international faculty from around the globe.  Abstract submission dates will be announced in due time.

We will be looking forward to your submissions and participation at the 3rd WAC.
Gijs Van Hellemondt, Jean-Noël Argenson, Arlen Hanssen and Norman Scott
Course Directors

Andreas Halder, Robert Hube and Carsten Perka
Local Chairmen


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