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Helping surgeons treat their patients better since 1981

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE Arthrex announces the launch of a new device in its innovative Meniscal Repair portfolio In 1981, a knee surgeon in Munich, performing what was then a pioneering knee


Investigating the enormous advances that will transform surgery over the next 20 years

OPN talks to Richard Kerr, Chair of the Commission on the Future of Surgery, about the findings of the independent review OPN:Tell us a little about your background and education


Book review: Apley & Solomon’s system of orthopaedics and trauma

Author: Ashley Blom; David Warwick; Michael Whitehouse; Publisher: CRC press, 10th edition Now in its tenth edition and in continuous publication since 1959, Apley & Solomon’s system of orthopaedics and


Book review: The direct anterior approach to hip reconstruction

Authors: B Sonny Bal, Lee E Rubin, and Kristaps J Keggi Publishers: Slack incorporated 2016, 1st edition The direct anterior approach to hip reconstruction is a comprehensive reference text that addresses


State of the art technology and surgery with 3D pre-op planning, 3D printing and custom-made implants is already in clinical practice today

Mr Ian McDermott, Consultant Knee Surgeon at London Sports Orthopaedics, believes 3D technology is well and truly already here in the field of orthopaedics, and it looks set to evolve


Arthrex product news

Univers™ Apex The Univers Apex represents the evolution of Arthrex Total Shoulder Arthroplasty Systems. The Univers Apex introduces advanced features important in the treatment of all total shoulder patients, while


Money Matters: Will your CEA be cause for celebration or concern?

Dr Benjamin Holdsworth on the tax implications of the CEA  Doctors who have recently received a Clinical Excellence Award (CEA) have proved they have gone “above and beyond” for their


State-of-the-art CT scanner set to lower waiting times for Scottish patients

The Golden Jubilee National Hospital has taken delivery of a new state-of-the-art Computer Tomography (CT) scanner to help further reduce waiting times across Scotland. The new equipment will more than


Orthopaedic Live Surgery Broadcast 2019, 12 June 2019; Poland

On 12 June 2019, there will be a Orthopaedic Live Surgery Broadcastfrom  Wilmington (USA with Michael Wade Shrader MD), Grodno (Belarus with Leonid Sychevski), and Poznan (Poland with Marek Jozwiak MD, PhD), commented live from studio by professors: Terje Terjesen; Jaroslaw Czubak; Marek Napiontek and


Global study finds high success rate for hip and knee replacements

After reviewing thousands of case studies going back 25 years across six countries, generalisable survival data is now available for the first time to estimate how long hip and knee