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Results for female ACL graft repair methods differ among younger athletes

Female athletes are two to eight more times likely to injure their ACL than males, however utilising one graft repair treatment method in females may be more beneficial than another,


Corin’s Trinity™ PLUS cup mimics the structure of bone and gains 510k clearance

Fixation in poor bone, in either primary or revision situations, is a common clinical problem that requires specific solutions, until now these situations have been addressed using standard implants. Corin


First Implantation of new ACE® acetabular cup system by JRI Orthopaedics

The first implantation of JRI Orthopaedics’ much anticipated, new ACE® acetabular system has taken place in Spain. ACE has been developed in partnership with a renowned surgeon design panel and builds


15 October 2018, Uncemented Hip Conference; London

Cemented stems and cups have seen a resurgence in many countries due to their perceived better value over uncemented components. So, where does this leave cementless hip replacements? Are they


High-tech treatment of open leg wounds no better than using regular dressings

A new study of open leg fractures suggests there is no difference to patient recovery whether high-tech negative pressure wound therapy devices are used, compared to standard dressings. The randomised


Low-cost prosthetic foot mimics natural walking

Prosthetic limb technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, giving amputees a range of bionic options, including artificial knees controlled by microchips, sensor-laden feet driven by artificial intelligence, and robotic


RCS calls for private sector to raise patient safety standards in response to CQC report

The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) has called for independent providers of healthcare to raise safety standards following a Care Quality Commission (CQC) report that raises concerns about the practices


Is knee pain linked to depression?

According to researchers, knee OA affects around 55 per cent of people over 40 years old in Japan. A research team from the country published a study in the Journal


What is the best way to treat infected hip replacements?

New research has found treating an infected hip replacement in a single stage procedure may be as effective or better than the widely used two-stage procedure. To date, no well-designed


MeDe researchers are putting next generation knee implants through their paces

Dr Louise Jennings, of MeDe Innovation, and Ian Revie, of Invibio, discuss how the techniques and equipment designed by MeDe researchers are being used, not only to evaluate existing devices,