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OrthoView Introduces SmartHip for Total Hip Planning in Less Than 60 Seconds

OrthoView LLC, providers of digital planning solutions for orthopaedics, launched the latest version of their software at AAOS 2010. OrthoView Version 6 includes SmartHip automatic templating, an innovation that enables

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Intraoperative Excellence for Trauma Imaging

In trauma and orthopaedic surgery, the precise identification and repositioning of fractures and the accurate placement of implants is of the highest importance. The ARCADIS Orbic 3D from Siemens Healthcare


Finsbury DeltaMotion®

Finsbury, the world leader in large diameter bearing technology, has combined its knowledge with BIOLOX delta, the worlds leading ceramic material, to bring you DeltaMotion, the worlds first truly large

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Animations For Your Web Site

Make the most of your Web site educate your patients online with ViewMedica animations. The leader in multimedia patient education offers a library of more than 150 ViewMedica animations for

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vitamys® – The Factor E Makes the Difference!

vitamys is the new and innovative highly cross-linked polyethylene (HXLPE) from Mathys. Designed for durability and longevity, vitamys meets the highest expectations of a modern orthopaedic implant material. Enriched with


Trinity™ Advanced Bearing Acetabular System From Corin

The new Trinity advanced bearing acetabular system from Corin was officially launched this March. The gold standard in continuum of care for hip replacement, Trinity represents the new generation in

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Smith & Nephew Launches Versatile VLP™ FOOT Plating System

Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics Division has launched of its VLPTM FOOT Variable-angle Locked Plating system. The portfolio of innovative screws and low-profile plates expands for Smith & Nephew surgeon customers

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OrthoView Releases 1000th Digital Template Set

OrthoView LLC, providers of orthopaedic digital planning software have announced the release of their 1000th digital template set to the OrthoView library of digital templates. The OrthoView template library now

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Surgilig™ Sales Outperform the Market

One of very few British independent medical device companies, Surgicraft is pleased to announce that one of their leading products, Surgilig, recorded impressive growth in all markets in 2009. Specialising


geneX®ds – Extending the Reach of Injectable Bone Grafts

Biocomposites have launched geneX®ds, a dual syringe mixing and minimally invasive delivery system containing geneX, the unique resorbable bone graft material with a negative surface charge. The powder and liquid