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Calling Time on the Debate

The Great Debate - Early Intervention in the Hip and Knee was held over the 19th and 20th of January in the IMAX Theatre at the heart of the Science

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Accelerating Diagnosis and Treatment of Shoulder Injuries with Ultrasound-based Approaches

Lennard Funk is a consultant shoulder and upper limb surgeon and honorary clinical lecturer at Salford Royal Hospitals and the University of Manchester. He is also an upper limb surgeon

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Mercy Ships Orthopaedic Team Mends More Than Fractures

Jessica is a little girl who usually has a big smile. But even Jessica found it hard to keep smiling when the limb of a tree she was climbing broke,

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Power Tools In Orthopaedic Surgery

Introduction Power tools form the backbone of modern orthopaedic surgical procedures. Power tools have undergone many improvisations and modifications in the past two decades and have improved tremendously in their