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Bringing burnt bones back to ‘life’ using 3D technology

Forensic scientists at the University of Portsmouth have discovered a new way of presenting fragile evidence, by reconstructing a ‘jigsaw’ of human bone fragments using 3D printing. In the first


Texas A&M researchers use 3D-printed biomaterials and stem cells to create bone grafts

Researchers at Texas A&M University have combined 3D printing, biomaterial engineering and stem cell biology to create superior, personalised bone grafts. When implanted at the site of repair, the researchers


3D printing to help tortured bones

William Wier, of Yale University, speaks with Dr David Frumberg, assistant professor of orthopaedics and rehabilitation at Yale School of Medicine, about his modern approach to improving medical care For


Is 3D printing the next breakthrough for orthotics?

John Beckett, MD of Europac 3D, explains how they help clients use 3D printing and advanced manufacturing technology to enable new product innovation to accelerate the design process – bringing