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Medical training takes a mental toll, but less than a decade ago

A 13-year effort to track the mental health of new doctors in their most stressful time of training shows signs that things have got better. But those first-year residents, also


The impact of COVID-19: A case study

As the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out advances, people, governments and industries are contemplating and planning for the long journey back to normality. Like all others in the medical field, the orthopaedic


3D printing technology used to develop models for training purposes

Academic institutes and hospitals use 3D printing technology to develop various models for training purposes. The technology is increasing used in bio printing where biomaterials such as growth factors and


Osso VR partners with Sawbones to digitise anatomical medical training

Osso VR, a virtual reality (VR) surgical training platform, is partnering with Sawbones, the originator of hands-on orthopaedic and medical workshop models. Together, they’re digitising Sawbones’ traditional bone models to