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Target discovered that halts osteoarthritis-type knee cartilage degeneration

There is currently no cure for osteoarthritis, but a group of scientists believe they’ve discovered a method through which a simple knee injection could potentially stop the disease’s effects. These


New Research Roadmap sets a course towards a cure for osteoporosis

The Royal Osteoporosis Society (ROS) has recently launched a new Research Roadmap for leading clinicians and academics to develop better treatment methods and work towards a cure for osteoporosis.  The publication


New molecule repairs cartilage and relieves symptoms of osteoarthritis

A newly discovered molecule has been found to provide long-lasting regeneration of bone and cartilage defects, as well as symptom relief, and could potentially play a role in treating osteoarthritis,


New approach to treating osteoarthritis advances

Injections of a natural ‘energy’ molecule prompted regrowth of almost half of the cartilage lost with osteoarthritis and aging in knees, a new study in rodents shows. The study results


Survey launched in a bid to understand how coronavirus restrictions affect osteoarthritis risk in over 60s

Researchers at Loughborough University are investigating how changes in physical activity that are a result of the global health pandemic are related to osteoarthritis development and symptoms. Benjamin Boxer, a


Össur Academy: quality, accessible education during times of uncertainty and change

Promotional feature The Össur Academy team is offering support through a series of thought-provoking key opinion leader virtual learning sessions The face of orthopaedics and healthcare has changed. Given current


Researchers identify markers in joint fluid that could be the key to cartilage repair

Molecular changes in the joint fluid during surgical joint distraction reveal markers that may drive cartilage repair in osteoarthritis. It is generally accepted that cartilage is not able to heal


App helps reduce osteoarthritis pain

By performing a few simple physical exercises daily, and receiving information about their disease regularly, 500 patients were able to on average halve their osteoarthritis pain in six months –


Research finds link between osteoarthritis and increased risk of death

A new study has found that people with osteoarthritis are 11 per cent more likely to die than those without the condition – but walking more could reduce the risk.


Introducing the next generation of Unloader Knee Brace for treatment of OA

Promotional feature Össur, a global leader in non-invasive orthopaedics and advocates of ‘life without limitations’, are excited to announce the next generation of the Unloader One, the Unloader One X