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Providing innovative medical products since 1974, G+N Medical specialises in anti-embolism stockings and DVT prevention. G+N also supplies a range of cardiothoracic, orthopaedic and retractable safety syringes and needles.

Our independence enables us to be flexible in our approach; we pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality, best value products.

In 2015, we launched HemaClear® exsanguination tourniquets.

HemaClear® is a single-use device designed to enable healthcare staff to obtain a bloodless surgical field within seconds. Consisting of a silicone ring, stockinette, and pull straps, HemaClear® effectively exsanguinates limbs without the need for any additional equipment.

HemaClear® tourniquets:

  • Remove blood and provide arterial occlusion within 12 seconds of application.
  • Help reduce cross-contamination surgical site infection.
  • Remove up to 95% of the blood from the surgical site.
  • Are available in a full range of sizes to cover all patients – from infants to obese adults.
  • Eliminate the need for equipment cleaning and processing.

HemaClear® tourniquets apply pressures of up to 350mmHg and are similar to that of a traditional pneumatic tourniquet. However, unlike pneumatic tourniquets which require regular cleaning, HemaClear® products are supplied sterile and eliminates the need for extra hospital equipment.

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