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Building A Successful Practice – IT Matters

Best surgeon in the world. Best patient care. Able, affable and available. Everything in your practice may be 'gold standard', but if you've not got the right administrative and I.T.

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Wound Drainage Kits Provide Cost Effective Solution

Wound Drainage Kits from Redax have been designed to provide you, the clinicians, with a cost effective solution for your wound drainage needs from surgical trauma to complete wound healing

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TVS Knee Brace

The TVS brace is an orthosis for moderate valgus or varus instability of the knee. It is designed to hold a medially or laterally unstable knee from moving into a

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TROM Advance

The new DonJoy TROM Advance is a low profile post-op brace designed for support after ACL, PCL, MCL & LCL surgeries, meniscal repairs, patella realignment, regenerative chondroplasty, stable femoral fractures

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The Global Market-Leading Hip Resurfacing System

The Birmingham Hip Resurfacing System (BHR) is the global market-leading hip resurfacing system with over 70,000 implantations worldwide. Introduced in 1997, it was designed using knowledge gained from first generation


stφrm – Plateau Fractures

The Staffordshire Orthopaedic Reduction Machine, stφrm, is used to reduce unstable fractures throughout the tibia (plateau, shaft and pilon). Once the perfect anatomical reduction has been achieved stφrm allows the

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Orthofix Wire Fixator Locking Screw Torque Wrench

Ring fixators depend on tensioned wires to give beam loading (Saleh et al, 1997). Wire placement is critical and often time consuming. The wire is then tensioned to approximately (1200-1400


Novae Dual Mobility Cups

The Novae Dual Mobility Cup is primarily indicated to reduce the risk of hip dislocation. The Dual Mobility principle has remained unchanged since 1979, with over 100,000 implantations performed to

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New Mixing System Brings Benefits To Nurses, Surgeons And Procurement Staff

The recent launch of the HiVac7 Bone Cement Mixing and Delivery syringe has successfully proven to be a cost effective solution to customer identified needs. The existing HiVac range of

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New Innovation For Spinal Surgery And Orthopaedic Interventions

The Ziehm CAPPA IS is a new direct digital mobile C-arm with fully integrated surgical navigation system. It provides surgeons with the ultimate flexibility in specialist orthopaedic and spinal surgical