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Characteristics of Wear Scars in Metal-on-Metal Artificial Hip Joints

Abstract It has been known for a while that the cup angle has an influence on the longevity of artificial hip joints. Retrieval analysis has, however, been difficult, because traditional

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Anaesthesia For Shoulder Surgery

Introduction Four main pathologies affect the shoulder, and may require operative intervention. These are: arthritis of the glenohumeral and acromioclavicular joints, the stiff shoulder (including frozen shoulder/ adhesive capsulitis), rotator


Versafitcup® System

Over the years hip arthroplasty has had to adapt to patients who have longer life expectancies and have more and more different needs. Stability, load, stress distribution and consideration for


Reusable Cannula Line For Hip Arthroscopy

Smith & Nephews Endoscopy Division announced the launch of the Arthrogarde Hip Access Cannula, designed to prevent inadvertent damage to soft tissue that can occur during arthroscopic hip repair surgery.


Plateau, Shaft Or Pilon – Perfect Closed Reductions

stφrm is used to reduce unstable fractures throughout the tibia (plateau, shaft, pilon and malleolar) including open, closed, comminuted and multi-segmental fractures. The cases illustrated show where stφrm has been


Jump Start Bone Growth With geneX® Putty

Biocomposites introduces geneX putty, a unique synthetic bone graft in the form of an easy to use putty. geneX putty possesses a consistent controlled negative surface charge. This initiates reproducible

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A Comprehensive Knee System

The Optetrak is the latest knee design developed at the Hospital of Special Surgery in New York. It has over ten years of history with revision rates of 1.5% which


Phil Davies

Phil Davies, Hospital Innovations, Hospital Innovations Limited Q: What made you choose your career in orthopaedics? A: I began my working life as a sales representative with Johnson & Johnson


Tord Lendau

Tord Lendau President, Medical Area, Sandvik Q: Why did Sandvik extend its presence in the sector? A: We saw a gap in the market for a strategic partner to medical