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Instructional Course Lectures: Volume 56

As indicated in the preface, the Instructional Course Lecture Series (ICLS) were first presented in the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) meeting in 1942 and since then and following

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Septic arthritis as a severe complication of elective arthroscopy: Clinical management strategies

Abstract Infection of a peripheral joint following arthroscopic surgery presents with an incidence of approximately 0.42%, an extremely rare entity. However, septic arthritis is a serious situation possibly leading to

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Knee injuries & anti-doping Christmas topics for CSEM for London 2012 series

Despite the best attempts of the freezing weather, the fifth 'Sports & Exercise Medicine for London 2012 meeting in association with DJO Education went ahead at the Royal Society of

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STOP PRESS: JewelACL™ from Neoligaments

The JewelACL is a specialised textile scaffold which is rendered versatile for ACL reconstruction by various structural features. The scaffold is treated with a proprietary gas plasma treatment process that


SmartCage Expandable Controllable TLIF Cage

Dedicated to the Transforaminal Approach It minimises dural exposure, reduces iatrogenic neurologic lesion risks due to excessive root traction and avoids dissection of epidural scar during revision surgeries. Unique Expansion

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Integra Mozaik

Integra Mozaik is an osteoconductive scaffold which exists in putty and strip. The first one has an excellent handling and moldability and is optimal for placement in irregularly shaped defect

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Integra Layershield

The Layershield Adhesion Barrier Matrix is the most advanced onlay resorbable implant for an adhesion barrier in spine. Integra Layershield is a collagen matrix which is easy to handle, soft,

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DonJoy® Podalux

Podalux from DonJoy is a forefoot off-loading post-op shoe primarily designed for use after Hallux Valgus surgery. A removable rigid foot plate provides extra firmness during the early stages of

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Cover Feature: Exactech Accelerate PRP Sport

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy expedites the way patients heal from chronic problems with tendons, ligaments and muscles. Accelerate PRP Sport is a safe and easy to use system that offers