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Spinal bracing for the child with neurological dysfunction: is the future rigid?

Introduction Provision of rigid orthoses has been provided since the pre-Columbian Indian population used cork bark to stabilise the spine around 900AD. Although the materials have improved greatly over the


Innovative knee brace offers maximum stability

Patella Pro to relieve the effects of runner’s knee Otto Bock Healthcare has launched an innovative new knee brace that relieves the effects of anterior knee pain or runner’s knee,

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Cover Feature: Carl Zeiss OPMI® VARIO 700

Combining state-of-the-art Zeiss optics with a host of innovations, OPMI VARIO 700 seamlessly integrates into the operating room environment. Physicians from multiple specialities provided valuable input in fine-tuning every aspect


Summit Medical

Summit Medical is a leading supplier of single use medical devices to the global market. We have an innovative and exciting product portfolio, which is updated and expanded in line


GKB7 Ltd

The Video Clinic has produced a catalogue of high-quality video modules, illustrating which physiotherapy exercises should be performed relating to a specific injury, and the frequency with which they should



Orthopaedic surgeons count on Exactech for implant devices, related surgical instruments and biological material and services that allow them to make patients more mobile. Tel: +44 (0)1527 591555 click



Over 1,000,000 times a year, Biomet products help one surgeon provide personalised care to one patient. Waterton Ind Estate, Bridgend, South Glam, CF31 3XA Tel: + 44 (0)1656 655221 Fax:


Greatbatch Medical

Wilson Greatbatch, co-inventor of the first successful implanted pacemaker, founded Greatbatch, Inc. in 1970 to develop long-lived primary batteries to fuel pacemakers. His passion for reliability and innovation is the

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Bone regeneration: current concepts and future directions

Abstract Bone regeneration is a complex, well-orchestrated physiological process of bone formation, which can be seen during normal fracture healing, and is involved in continuous remodelling throughout adult life. However,


Does Bone Morphogenetic Protein Increase the Incidence of Perioperative Complications in Spinal Fusion?

Brian J. Williams, MD, et al. In Spine. September 15, 2011. Vol. 36. No. 2. Pp. 1685-1691. Bone morphogenetic protein known as BMP-2 or BMP for short is a growth