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Knotless TightRope® System for Syndesmosis Repair – The Gold Standard just went Platinum

The syndesmotic TightRope® has been successfully implanted over 70,000 times worldwide and its popularity has resulted in the development of the new Knotless TightRope®. The Knotless TightRope® has the same

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Calcaneal StepPlate – Compressive Medialising Calcaneal Osteotomy

The Arthrex StepPlate, designed by leading foot and ankle surgeons, allows the surgeon to dial-in the desired correction with incremental steps of 5mm, 7.5mm and 10mm. Plates create a firm

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The new Mini Scorpion® Dx – Grasp, Pass and Retrieve

Tissue manipulation, suture passing and suture retrieval all in one step with only one instrument. The new Mini Scorpion® Dx has been specifically designed for distal extremity applications requiring a

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Pompey’s Queen Alexandra Hospital adds to its mobile X-ray fleet

Since its opening in June 2009 the state-of-the-art Queen Alexandra Hospital has sat proudly on the high slopes of Portsdown Hill overlooking the historic Naval City of Portsmouth, England. The

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The development and safety of clinical physiologist-led intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM) services

BackgroundIntraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM) provides the surgeon operating on the spine with a highly sensitive and specific early warning of potentially reversible neurological change1. It has become a standard of
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The Patella Pro: A New Therapy Approach

The internationally patented dynamic patella re-alignment technology enables safe and efficient rehabilitation in conservative and post-operative treatment of anterior knee pain. The terms “anterior knee pain” or “patellofemoral pain syndrome”

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Xograph Healthcare reveals new products at UKRC 2012

Leading independent medical equipment supplier Xograph Healthcare displayed a number of new imaging products at UKRC 2012 including the OrthoScan Mobile DI semi-portable fluoroscopy system with dynamic flat panel detector

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New NEO Sample Management from BioSampling Systems combines speed and high capacity using advanced robotics

BioSampling Systems was created to enable you to increase laboratory throughput of biological samples and improve the quality of sample management (storage and release of biological samples, sample library…). BioSampling

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Univers Revers® – Simplified Reverse Technique with a Universe of Options

  Arthrex’s Univers Revers®, reverse shoulder prosthesis offers the optimal combination of a simplified surgical technique combined with the largest implant range on the market. The Univers Revers® offers 135°

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Trifibre design, manufacture and supply bespoke cases and containers to many different industries around the world. From heavy duty flight cases, military spec waterproof cases and aluminium cases to padded