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Survivability of a cannulated hip prosthesis in elderly patients with a complex proximal femoral fracture

KWK Ho, JCF Lau and S Sadiq examine the use of the Cannulok Plus hip system in the management of complex proximal femur fractures AbstractComplex proximal femoral fractures secondary to

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Who says exercise is good for you? Wii do!

O Uhiara, R Fawdington and K Kosygan report on an unexpected risk that may be posed by using a Wii Fit exercise board AbstractWii Fit is an exercise video game


OPN Hip & Knee Conference 2013

Sharing the latest updates in Hip & Knee Implants and Surgical Techniques.   BOOK NOW! Royal College of Surgeons, London Thursday 27 June Orthopaedic Product News  is now accepting registrations

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New Thermedic FAR Infrared increases blood flow in joints by 204%

Increasing blood flow through joints and soft tissues with heat is an important part of injury rehabilitation; helping to improve mobility, aid healing and provide pain relief.To apply heat safely

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Conservative spinal care expands with IDD Therapy

The majority of patients with intervertebral disc-related conditions who visit a surgeon are not candidates for surgery. So where should they go next? Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy, was developed

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Orthodynamics aMace custom implant

Orthodynamics recently launched the aMace custom implant for pelvic reconstruction indications, which is an addition to other solutions for those complicated cases. In addition to aMace the company is able

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New Xograph digital x-ray room for Cheltenham General Hospital

Cheltenham General Hospital have announced a new Patient’s Choice Award, giving patients an opportunity to recognise the NHS staff who have made a difference to their lives. Keen to continue

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Xograph win large contract for new Emergency Care Centre in Aberdeen

Medical equipment supplier Xograph Healthcare has won a contract to supply three new Xograph BuckyStar T2 Precision direct digital general radiography systems to the new Emergency Care Centre at Aberdeen

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HiVac bone cement mixing & delivery range

The HiVac range has been designed to help theatre staff produce high quality cement which is critical to long-term joint survivorship. The HiVac range includes a range of products suitable

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High resolution images with Fujifilm’s wireless FDR D-EVO plus C35i

Fujifilm provide diagnostic imaging and information systems for healthcare facilities, designed to assist medical professionals perform more efficiently and effectively. They have recently launched their new wireless DR cassette solution,