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Rise in Aviva Premiership injuries highlights the debilitating “tricks” used in the game

Recent news highlighting the increase in the number of rugby players forced to retire due to injury has sparked concerns over the rising power of collisions in the game. The


Research team at York University aims to improve bone disease treatment

Researchers are aiming to develop new therapies for osteoarthritis by rejuvenating old stem cells to repair cartilage damage. As reported by The Northern Echo, a research team at York University


Success of cartilage symposium

The Oswestry 9th International Cartilage Symposium organised by Professor James Richardson and Professor Sally Roberts was a huge success attended by scientists and clinicians from the UK and abroad. The


Physio ignores doctors and uses do-it-yourself treatment to learn to walk again

Experienced MSK physiotherapist Jason Howard who works at The White House Physiotherapy Clinic in South Yorkshire, recently trialed his own bespoke rehabilitation programme in order to speed up his recovery


Pioneering glass ceramics set to improve joint implants

  Glass Technology Services Ltd (GTS) has worked in partnership with FAME-MED and EXEMPLAR on the production of coatings, specialised biocompatible glass ceramics and biomechanical modelling. Experts across the partnership