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Is knee pain linked to depression?

According to researchers, knee OA affects around 55 per cent of people over 40 years old in Japan. A research team from the country published a study in the Journal


What is the best way to treat infected hip replacements?

New research has found treating an infected hip replacement in a single stage procedure may be as effective or better than the widely used two-stage procedure. To date, no well-designed


MeDe researchers are putting next generation knee implants through their paces

Dr Louise Jennings, of MeDe Innovation, and Ian Revie, of Invibio, discuss how the techniques and equipment designed by MeDe researchers are being used, not only to evaluate existing devices,


Breaking the mould in cast removal

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon David Ross encountered many problems in cast removal with oscillating cast saws, so he designed and developed the CasterpillarTM, a completely new device for cast removal, which


Product features from Arthrex Ltd

ACL repair/reconstruction – A new approach to managing ACL injury Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair involves reattaching the ACL that has avulsed off the femoral wall. An augmented ACL repair


Considering SIP factors in implant failure

A review of the London Implant Retrieval Centre 10-year anniversary meeting, held at the Royal Society of Medicine, London, on 20 April 2018, with its conveners Dr Harry Hothi, Prof


24 November 2018, GECO Spine Course – Disc prostheses – Failure, revisions, strategies; Le Mans, France

A message from the organisers: Dear friends and colleagues, It is with a great pleasure that we will welcome you for the second time, in Le Mans, on 24 November,


£10m plan to take Yorkshire’s medical technologies expertise to the world

Solving the challenges which hamper Yorkshire’s medical technology experts when they attempt to bring innovative products to market is the focus of a new partnership which aims to make inventions


12 October 2018, Trauma and the shoulder joint; London

Message from the organisers: Dear colleagues, The first GECO UK Course will take place on 12 October, 2018, in London. Dan Rossouw and the Venus Group are pleased to welcome


Time to embrace the culture of data gathering and of data sharing

Following the opening of the Research & Outcomes Centre at the London Sports Orthopaedic practice, Ian McDermott discusses the importance of clinical research and data gathering in today’s modern practice