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Fear of complaints pushing doctors to breaking point, warns MDU

Doctors fear a wave of complaints due to the difficulties of caring for patients during the pandemic, according to a new survey published recently. The survey of 1,203 doctors by


Target discovered that halts osteoarthritis-type knee cartilage degeneration

There is currently no cure for osteoarthritis, but a group of scientists believe they’ve discovered a method through which a simple knee injection could potentially stop the disease’s effects. These


Researchers develop technique to replicate bone-remodelling processes

A multidisciplinary team of researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Institute for Applied Life Sciences (IALS) have developed a technique to replicate bone tissue complexity and bone remodelling processes.


Cavendish Medical – Pension consultations now concluded

Dr Benjamin Holdsworth on the benefits compensation choice The government has now concluded on the ‘McCloud’ consultation which refers to the age discrimination court case regarding the 2015 NHS Pension


Scientists use a novel ink to 3D print ‘bone’ with living cells

Scientists from UNSW Sydney have developed a ceramic-based ink that may allow surgeons in the future to 3D-print bone parts complete with living cells that could be used to repair


8-9 November 2021, International Conference on Arthroplasty and Orthopaedic Surgery; Austria

Arthroplasty 2021 welcomes all eminent scholars and researchers around the globe to be part of “International Conference on Arthroplasty and Orthopaedic Surgery” scheduled on November 8-9, 2021 at Vienna, Austria. Arthroplasty 2021


Surgeon in Focus – Dr Neel P Shah

Strengthening the physician team at DISC Sports & Spine Center in California (“DISC”), two new partners have recently joined the practice. Dr Neel P Shah is an orthopaedic spine surgeon


Cartilage matrix as natural biomaterial for cartilage regeneration

Just a few millimetres thick, articular cartilage plays a crucial role in our musculoskeletal system, since it is responsible for smooth (in the truest sense of the word) movement. However,


X-Bolt features in largest ever hip fracture fixation trial publication

X-Bolt Orthopaedics highlights key results data from the WHITE4 trial, published in February’s Bone & Joint Journal, comparing the company’s flagship X-Bolt® XHS versus the gold standard Sliding Hip Screw. WHITE4 was the


New method heals skeletal injuries with synthetic bone

Researchers at Lund University in Sweden, in collaboration with colleagues in Dresden, Germany, have developed a way of combining a bone substitute and drugs to regenerate bone and heal severe