Angela Spang

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Angela Spang is London Medical Education Academy’s Managing Director and leads the Research and Innovation Division. She explains what she would like to see in the future for The Academy.

“I am honoured to lead the efforts at The Academy because during my 20 years in the healthcare world I realised that no matter how good new medical device innovations were, the biggest variable affecting patient outcome was the technical skills of the surgeons. A great device is unsuccessful if used in the wrong way, and a mediocre product can produce great results if skilled hands are operating.

“Our long-term goal is to give a sustainable, affordable and realistic alternative place to complete the procedure and device related learning curve, improving the way doctors train and learn today. We are looking at taking the top 20 surgeries, define their learning curves, and then provide extensive training for those procedures using cadaveric tissue, before surgeons operate on patients.

“To reach this goal, amongst other things, we need to increase the number of donations made to medical teaching, which is why we spend time and efforts supporting HTA and the donor organisations around the world.”