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FH ORTHO Ltd is the UK subsidiary of GROUP FH ORTHO. This French orthopaedic surgery specialist is renowned for its innovative products and surgical techniques, which stem from collaborations with leading orthopaedic surgeons in France and throughout the world. Today, Group FH ORTHO offers a full range of orthopaedic implants : hip, knee, shoulder, cruciate ligament repair, forefoot, hindfoot and spine.

FH Knee portfolio:


The FH Total Knee Replacement offers the clinician great versatility, allowing accurate and reproducible implant placement ensuring best outcome results for the patient.

It is available in cemented and uncemented options and includes CR, MB & PS within the range.

In order to give our customers confidence in our TKR system we are working closely with the Beyond Compliance & ODEP organizations. We are also working with the team of surgeons at Swansea University Hospital collating survivorship data through their database.


The FH ACL reconstruction system is an ‘all inside’ technique ensuring less morbidity, bone preservation & strong fixation.

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