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Phil Davies founded Hospital Innovations in 2008 after spending over 25 years in the orthopaedic industry with companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Plus Orthopedics and Smith & Nephew.

In 2008 it was becoming clear that there was a growing need for enhanced surgical applications in and around many orthopaedic reconstructive procedures. Whilst Managing Director at Plus Orthopedics in 2002, Phil Davies introduced the first non-UK sourced soft tissue allograft into the UK for ACL reconstruction.

Allograft ACL reconstructions has grown considerably in the UK and along with a wide range of other grafts stored at their Human Tissue Authority licensed facility, making Hospital Innovations the premier private tissue supplier in the UK. Since forming in 2008, Hospital Innovations has supplied in excess of 50,000 grafts.

Since 2008 Hospital Innovations has grown considerably and now supplies a wide range of grafts with multiple processing methods and technologies, these include grafts such as bone, tendons, skin and nerve allografts and sterilisation processing methods such as non irradiated (BioCleanse), irradiated (Allowash)

e-beam irradiation, as well as aseptically processed grafts.

Many of the industry norms in UK allograft handling were introduced by Hospital Innovations and initiative like the ‘Allograft Return Service’, for example, have saved the NHS and private sector alike many millions of pounds.

Hospital Innovations continually strives to improve performance and we are proud of the high level of quality, service and support we provide to our customers.