Leela Biant

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Prof Leela Biant

Academic Head of Department Trauma & Orthopaedics University of Manchester, Honorary consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Manchester University Foundation Trust, and Honorary Professor at Salford University.

Leela trained in London, with fellowships in Sydney and London. She spent eight years as a trauma and orthopaedic surgeon in Edinburgh, before moving to Manchester in 2016.

Her thesis was on articular cartilage injuries in the young adult knee. She was an ABC Fellow in 2010, and has won multiple awards for research. She has been peer-selected as one of the global top 15 cartilage repair surgeons to attend summits on advancing the science and surgery of cartilage repair, is an elected ICRS Senior Fellow, and founded the ICRS Global non-arthroplasty patient registry. Leela is a Lifetime Honorary Fellow of the Biological Knee Society in recognition of her work in this field.

Her clinical and research interests are in cartilage assessment and repair, biological regenerative surgery and arthroplasty. She currently serves as BASK Treasurer, ICRS Board and Chair of the Registry Committee, and on the British Orthopaedic Association Research Committee. She has published over 100 peer-reviewed scientific articles, and has authored many books, including the latest edition of Grays Anatomy.