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OUR MISSION: Lima Corporate offers innovative solutions to assist orthopedic surgeons in restoring the Emotion of Motion.

OUR VISION: Lima Corporate aspires to be the leading company in niche orthopedic markets to improve surgeon and patient experience, offering innovative, tailored solutions.

Based in Italy and founded in 1945, Lima Corporate is committed to the development of innovative products and procedures to enable surgeons to select ideal solutions for every individual patient. Lima Corporate’s product range includes large joint primary and revision implants, extremities and fixation solutions and a dedicated patient-specific prostheses division called ProMade.

Lima Corporate has now established many direct subsidiaries in 19 countries spread within 4 of the world’s top orthopaedic markets (Europe, Asia-Pacific, US, Latin America). Combined with a network of distributors, Lima Corporate covers now over 43 countries.


Lima Corporate is the world’s largest producer of additive manufacturing implants in the healthcare area; Trabecular Titanium™ is an advanced cellular solid structure representing the next generation of additive manufacturing technology designed to resemble natural bone.

Conceived, produced and patented by Lima Corporate, Trabecular Titanium™ is made entirely of titanium alloy or commercially pure titanium. Since 2007, our Trabecular Titanium technology has been available on the market as an answer to the surgeons’ needs of excellent primary fixation and secondary fixation through osseointegration.

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