Sebastien Parratte

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Sebastien Parratte (MD, PhD) is Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and orthopaedic surgeon consultant at the University Hospital of Marseille, France. After training in France and at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA, he is now associate director of the Institute for Locomotion at the Aix-Marseille University and co-chairman of the Ortho-Trauma department in Marseille. He is a member of the European Knee Society. Dr Parratte clinical activity is focused mainly on knee surgery. He has particular interest on bone quality and bone substitute, partial knee arthroplasties, new technologies in TKA also on TKA revision. He has research interests in osteoporosis, objective and subjective evaluation before and after hip and knee surgeries within the research department of the Institute of Locomotion, Marseille France. He also still has a position of research collaborator at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester. He won twice the Knee Society Insall Award, San Francisco in 2012, with Dr Mark Pagnano from the Mayo Clinic and in 2015, Las Vegas with his French team. He won the Hip Society Stinchfield Award, San Francisco, in 2008. He has been selected in 2012 for the John Insall traveling fellowship. He has published more than 100 papers related to his field of research.

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