Adaptable Revision Knee Solutions

Plus Orthopedics UK Ltd offers a comprehensive revision knee portfolio.

The TC-PLUS Revision Solution is an extension of TC-PLUS Solution primary knee system designed for indications needing additional stabilisation of stems in cases where the collateral ligaments are still functional. The TC-PLUS Revision range includes femoral and tibial components fitted with conical stem adaptors for both cemented and cementless applications as well as augmentation blocks to match the patients needs. Both ultra congruent and posterior stabilised options are available. The minimal bone resections of the TC-PLUS Revision Solution are identical to those of the primary TC-PLUS Solution knee allowing intraoperative flexibility for the surgeon between prostheses.

The RT-PLUS Solution is a constrained rotating highly stabilised knee for indications with significant joint destruction, lack of function or insufficient ligament stability. The axially-supported kinematics provide high stability while allowing significant physiological internal and external rotation. The 40mm RT-PLUS peg enables stable distraction of up to 20mm. More complex revisions requiring high stabilisation are catered for using the RT-PLUS Modular Solution – a complete range of augmentation blocks and modular stem options in both cemented and cementless applications are available.