Bledsoe ‘OR Knee Brace’

The Bledsoe Operating Room Brace frees the clinician from the time consuming post-op fitting and application that is required with more complex brace designs.

  • Easy Adjustment: The Bledsoe simple hinge is quick setting and limits extension from 0 to 90, flexion from 0 to 135, and locks 0 to 90 in 15 increments.
  • Easy Patient Fit: The regular and long sizes fit left or right legs of most patients. Also available in an extra long length for inseams of 32 (81cm) or longer.
  • Quick Attachment: Vinyl hinge upright pockets with hook to pile closures for quick attachment to wraps.
  • Tamper Resistant: Hinge tamper resistant seals are provided for patient compliance.
  • Quicklok Option: The Bledsoe Quicklok Hinge option enables the Bledsoe Hinge to be rigidly locked in full extension for ambulation or sleeping.