More Bone, Less Time - Made Easier

ApaTech, a world leader in bone graft technology, announces the launch of Actifuse EasyPrep, the latest entry in the Companys product line.

Actifuse EasyPrep provides customers with Actifuse granules in an easy to use applicator that conveniently delivers Actifuse granules as a cohesive mass straight to the operative site. Using only the patients own blood or bone marrow aspirate, Actifuse EasyPrep provides surgeons with the handling benefits they associate with demineralised bone matrix putties whilst delivering the maximum packing density of useable graft.

The unique silicate substituted calcium phosphate chemistry of Actifuse is a significant advance in synthetic bone graft technology. Actifuse:

  • provides surgeons with a safe and effective alternative to both autograft and allograft.
  • stimulates the formation of bone
  • improves the subsequent organisation and strength of the graft/host bone composite structure.
  • is steadily and predictably remodelled by the host biology over time, unlike traditional calcium phosphate based products.