New Mixing System Brings Benefits To Nurses, Surgeons And Procurement Staff

New Mixing System Brings Benefits To Nurses, Surgeons And Procurement Staff

Summit Medical Limited are pleased to announce the launch of the HiVac7 Bone Cement Mixing and Delivery syringe which successfully provides solutions to customer identified needs, in a cost effective manner.

The existing HiVac range of mixing and delivery devices is already widely used in orthopaedic theatres throughout the UK and internationally. The HiVac7 has been designed to complement this range and incorporates all elements that were specified in focus group discussions with nurses, consultations with surgeons and procurement staff, and recommendations made by academic researchers. The key advantages of HiVac7 are:

  1. Simple, easy to use with few components, training is minimised and consistent results easily achieved
  2. Clear mixing tube allowing the clinician to visually assess the bone cement mix prior to delivery
  3. Optimum vacuum level of 550mmHg giving enhanced cement quality without excessive shrinkage
  4. Closed system the system remains closed during the mixing and delivery process thereby reducing the potential for fume exposure
  5. Coloured mixing rod snap point a blue section on the mixing rod ensures accurate alignment so that the rod is easily and reliably snapped when required
  6. Triple mix option the HiVac 7 range includes mixers to cater for up to 120g of PMMA (except Simplex)
  7. Narrow delivery syringe in combination with an improved delivery gun the narrow delivery syringe allows for high delivery pressures to be generated by the surgeon

To arrange for a demonstration of the HiVac7 or for further information on the range, contact:

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