By: 1 March 2007

The PowerPulse pulsed lavage system has been designed for ease of use in cleaning bone surfaces during joint replacement. The use of pulsed lavage has been clearly demonstrated to improve outcome in total joint replacement1.

Innovatively engineered for peak performance and reliable operation, PowerPulse provides optimised balance of pulse strength, pulse frequency and saline flow rate for noticeably superior cleaning during surgery.

The handpiece, with its ergonomic grip and variable speed trigger, is reusable, as is the polyurethane hose which resists kinking, so preventing blocked saline and suction flow. Waste and the cost of contaminated disposal are therefore reduced by up to 80%, compared with fully disposable systems.

PowerPulse is available with disposable nozzles, which are available for use both with and without suction. The unique suction canal allows debris to pass cleanly through the nozzle without clogging. Flexible spray stems and fracture-resistant suction tips reduce intra-operative breakage. One nozzle is adaptable for use in either hip or knee replacement, ensuring that the procedure price remains competitive and inventory costs and storage space are reduced to a minimum.

(1. Swedish Hip Register, 2002)