Fast, Precise Tissue Removal for ACL Debridement and Meniscal Sculpting. The Super MultiVac 50 with Integrated Cable Wand (ICW) is the newest suction Wand offered by ArthroCare Sports Medicine for use on the Atlas System. The Super MultiVac incorporates a larger screen than the TriStar and MultiVac for even greater ablation speed.

This Wand is for use on the Atlas System ONLY, with recommended controller settings between 7 and 9.

  • An aggressive Wand for fast, precise ACL debridement.
  • Resects and ablates meniscal tissue while contouring tissue edges to minimise the rough, jagged appearance that may result from the use of mechanical instruments.
  • Active electrode screen prevents clogging and allows for strong suction.

Suggested Indications: ACL debridement, Meniscectomy, Synovectomy/Plica Removal, Notchplasty