Bledsoe ‘Aligner OA Knee Brace’

The Bledsoe Aligner Knee Brace uses muscle power to place a laterally or medially directed force against the knee during terminal extension to help relieve pain for mild to moderate symptomatic lateral or medial compartment arthrosis. For a moderate to severe OA, Bledsoe has engineered the Thruster OA Brace.

The End of Migration Both Bledsoe offloading braces create force. When harnessed, the force provides condylar separation to relieve pain. Mis-directed, it causes the brace to piston and migrate. The New Strap Saddle maximises circumferential support by preventing strap indentation into the soft tissue. This enhances force and keeps the leg coupled to the hinge. By re-configuring the anchor points of the straps, Bledsoe created a more natural fit with all force focused on providing unicompartmental pain relief.

Hinge Positioning Counters Rotational Tendency Bledsoes dynamic bracing innovation of removing side thrusts as the knee moved into flexion has been enhanced by posterior hinge positioning. The new posterior positioning of the hinge behind the neutral point of the knee centre counterbalances any anterior rotation moment common to fixed angle OA braces.

  • Adjustable Dial
  • New Strap Saddle increases brace effectiveness
  • Soft Liner
  • Lightweight
  • New patient friendly snap buckles