By: 1 April 2007

Hip resurfacing is becoming more widely practised and in recognition of the specific needs of delivering the bone cement accurately into the hip resurfacing femoral component, Summit Medical have designed the MiniMix. This mixing device is also ideal for small joints such as elbows and shoulders.

The powder and liquid are mixed in the chamber by a rotational axis paddle, (utilising the same design that has been used for many years in the HiVac Mixing Bowl). This design has been shown to produce optimal results in integrating powder and liquid homogenously. A lineset is supplied, so that the device can be used under the optimal vacuum of 550mmHg, for reduced porosity and effective fume removal.

Once the bone cement has been mixed, the device has an open bore from which the cement is poured directly into the hip resurfacing femoral component, in an easily controllable manner. This negates the need to mix in one device and then transfer to a syringe prior to filling the component.

Designed to take a 40g* mix of PMMA or bone substitute materials (*20g of Simplex), the Minimix can also be used for small joints, unicondular knees and void filling. The device also includes a plunger, which can be used to facilitate the transfer of medium or high viscosity cements if they have been used. To enable the transfer of the mixed material directly to the site where it is needed, a 10cc Precision Delivery Syringe attaches to the open bore on the mixer allowing immediate and simple transfer of the material into the syringe for the surgeons use. The Precision Delivery Syringe comes complete with a catheter that can be cut to size if required by the surgeon in order to deliver the cement effectively to the required site.