Acetabular Reinforcement Mesh - ‘The Turtle’

Structural underpinning of the cemented and grafted acetabular is effectively achieved with this innovative device. The Turtle used in the acetabulum, allows the surgeon to manipulate this uniquely pliable device, to best match the deficient acetabular without sacrificing biomechanical integrity.

The Turtle reinforcing mesh allows the impacted graft material within the floor of the deficient acetabulum to be contained. This establishes an interface to which an acetabular component can be cemented.

The added benefit of The Turtle mesh is that it allows both the cement to be keyed into the device, and aid the dissipation of the cement exotherm, thus increasing the odds of a successful implantation.

The Turtle is available in 4 sizes, pre-formed in outline. Fixation is achieved using 4.5mm or 6.5mm stainless steel cancellous bone screws.

Adding further to the versatility of the Turtle is its flexibility to manage a range of acetabular deficiencies. In summary, The Turtle:

  • Structural underpins the cemented/grafted acetabulae
  • Uniquely pliable
  • Bio-mechanically sound
  • Proven early osteo-intergration of allograft into host system
  • Minimum of 3 years follow up