By: 1 May 2007

The Staffordshire Orthopaedic Reduction Machine, stφrm, is used to reduce unstable fractures throughout the tibia (plateau, shaft and pilon). Once the perfect anatomical reduction has been achieved stφrm allows the surgeon to select the most appropriate method of fixation, external or internal.

stφrm was designed by Intelligent Orthopaedics, a spin out from the Universities of Keele and North Staffordshire, and provides an innovative approach to the treatment of unstable fractures through the tibia. The basis for the product concept and design is to separate the reduction of the fracture from the fixation. stφrm is used in the operating theatre and provides the surgeon with a simple but innovative approach to reducing these difficult fractures prior to fixation, firstly by providing precise and controlled axial traction while the rotation lock wheel system allows large and fine adjustments to correct rotation. In addition, the use of the unique translation arms allows fine corrections to translation and angulation. Once an anatomical reduction has been achieved the translation arms will ensure that the reduction is held firm while the selected method of fixation is applied even when drilling.

stφrm is distributed throughout Europe by Intelligent Orthopaedics global distribution partner BSN Medical.