Corin Uniglide Knee System

Uniglide is the only clinically proven, highly congruent, triple radius design Unicompartmental Knee Replacement system, offering complete operative flexibility for the surgeon and a truly bone-conserving technique. Fixed or Mobile provides intra-operative choice for medial and lateral UKR to suit the patient and surgeon preference. Cemented and cementless options further increase the flexibility of the system.

The unique anatomical triple radius femoral design not only minimises anterior bone resection, but reduces tension in flexion, equalising ligament tension and avoiding posterior movement of the load vector. Component stability is assured by the use of two fixation pegs and a stabilisation keel.

Fixed and mobile options allow complete operative flexibility and make Uniglide suitable for use in the lateral compartment, with both options using the same instrumentation. Cemented and cementless options give ultimate surgeon choice, with a dual-coating for optimum uncemented secondary fixation.

The advanced ceramicised bearing surface uses proven TiN coating technology, improving wear characteristics and reducing nickel exposure for sensitive patients. Advanced instrumentation has been developed by Corin for use in small incision techniques and assists in improved alignment, meeting increased demand for reproducible surgical systems UKR.

Excellent results for the AMC Uniglide that provides increased surgeon and patient confidence in a device which has been in clinical use for over a decade.

The unique design and extensive range of options make Uniglide the most effective and versatile unicompartmental knee system available today. So what ever your preference Mobile, Fixed, Cemented or Cement less, the Uniglide from Corin offers all.