Thermotex Infrared Therapy Systems: Infrared Reinvented

A new infrared therapy system recently launched in Europe offers exciting opportunities to improve the effectiveness of postoperative rehabilitation.

Thermotex Infrared Therapy Systems are a unique range of deep tissue heating pads designed to relieve pain and promote efficient healing. Unlike superficial conductive heating modalities which warm the surface capillaries, THERMOTEX infrared waves create resonant heat. The infrared waves pass safely through the soft tissues and have been shown in horses to increase temperatures at tissue depths of up to 6cm.

Thermotex reinvents infrared by using a carbon impregnated black fibreglass element to produce 100% FAR infrared and operates at temperatures of between 40C and 45C.

Portable, convenient and highly effective THERMOTEX infrared pads can be used safely on all areas of the body and can even be used over strapping. When used daily for periods of 30 to 45 minutes, THERMOTEX infrared therapy provides effective pain relief and helps to promote an efficient healing and rehabilitation process.