Polar Powder COLDPAK, Nanotechnology Meets Cold Therapy

Is a cold pack just a cold pack? Well not to the many who are using a powder based cold pack called the Polar Powder COLDPAK.

Polar Powder is a unique powder based cold pack that is designed using nanotechnology. The silica based particles of Polar Powder do not form into a solid block on freezing, instead they remain powder soft to give the advantageous property of being able to mould evenly to the contours of the body.

Polar Powder releases cold more slowly than traditional gel or ice packs enabling it to be applied directly against the skin without risk of burning. Additionally the slow release properties mean that Polar Powder stays cold longer than certain propriety gel packs to facilitate effective deep tissue cold therapy.

Lighter, softer and more comfortable than ice or gel packs, Polar Powder is non-toxic and designed for repeated use. For back and hip pain, it is possible to lie directly onto the Polar Powder COLDPAK.

Used by professionals, including the Birmingham Royal Ballet, simply keep a Polar Powder COLDPAK in the freezer and apply as needed. Also suitable for use at home and great for kids!

Available in standard and large sizes.