Opteform and Optefil are DBM-based allografts that offer the flexibility of a dry material for a wide range of mixing options and applications. Their compositions are science based to create grafts with osteoinductive and osteogenic factors. With cortical cancellous bone chips, Opteform also provides for osteoconductivity. The bone grafts dont wash away, are tested for quality and safety and are terminally sterilized.

Confidence Surgeons and patients can rely on the quality and safety of the allograft constituents. The osteoinductive potential of our DBM is verified using the athymic nude rat model that has been the standard for over 30 years. Only DBM material that is demonstrated by its histology to be osteoinductive is used to produce Opteform and Optefil.

The yield of calcium from explanted ossicles was scientifically studied to ensure Opteform and Optefil were designed to deliver the optimal concentration of DBM osteoinductivity.