By: 1 January 2008

geneX is a new concept in synthetic, fully resorbable bone graft, conferred with a property unique to bone void fillers, Zeta Potential Control (ZPC).

Zeta Potential Control (ZPC) The importance of a materials surface properties in achieving optimal biological activity and bone formation is well documented. geneXs proprietary process of Zeta Potential Control, carefully controls the surface chemistry of the material.

This has been shown to harness a number of key proteins that function as regulatory molecules for bone regeneration. By harnessing these proteins, bone cell activity is enhanced, resulting in accelerated bone growth. geneX is also engineered with SmartPores, which produce a developing macroporosity, drawing in cells and nutrient fluids as the graft is absorbed.

Applied as an injectable paste, geneX can be contoured to the surgical site, and sets in-situ at body temperature to an exceptional compressive strength. Visit us at AAOS, Booth #5504