By: 1 February 2008

The Clia Spinal Cage range is part of an extensive line of Spinal Implants from the French based manufacturer, Fradis Medical, and Distributed in the UK through the Kent Spinal Implant and Orthobiologics Distributor, Lindare Medical.

This is another range of very simple, cost effective and versatile implants from Lindare: instrumentation is kept to a minimum and made to be surgically very effective. The range consists of Cervical, PLIF and ALIF Cages, all manufactured from PEEK and all with the requisite titanium tell tales to ensure correct positioning. Care has been taken with the design of these implants to ensure maximum bone graft area, and therefore maximise the potential for fusion. The range of DBM putties also supplied by Lindare Medical are easily placed in this type of device and greatly enhance the probability for fusion.

The reverse teeth on the surface of the cages are designed to keep the cage where it is placed, and the titanium spikes on the Cervical cages ensure strong fixation when implanted. Care has been taken to make these Implants as anatomically correct as possible to ensure correct implantation.