Optetrak Unicondylar Knee

Exactech is now offering a unicondylar implant, which expands the Optetrak Knee system to meet a broader base of clinical indications.

This unicondylar Knee implant is designed to achieve the optimal balance between constraint, kinematics and anatomic interaction.

The femoral implant has a single medio-lateral radius. It offers a three cut bone/implant interface and two tapered pegs to support the cemented fixation. It is available in 6 sizes.

The tibial component is made of net compression molded polyethylene, offering the gold standard in term of wear reduction. The articulating surface has a central live zone offering an unconstraint articulation, while an outside rim offers enhanced congruity. It is available in 6 sizes, each right and left, with 2 thicknesses (8 and 10mm)

The instrument system is supporting a precise, minimally-invasive procedure. It is designed to create the optimal limb alignment while minimizing bone resection and preserving soft tissue integrity.