ApaTech has announced the launch of Actifuse ABX in a specially designed 1.5ml narrow diameter applicator.

Ready for immediate use, the 1.5ml applicator is ergonomically designed and dispenses 100% Actifuse ABX. The indications for use for Actifuse ABX 1.5ml include posterolateral spine fusion with appropriate stabilizing hardware (PLF) in addition to general bone void filler applications. This smaller volume product is ideal for use in small defect filling, trauma applications and for iliac crest back fill

Actifuse Advanced Bone matriX (ABX) provides surgeons with osteostimulative Actifuse granules as a mouldable, cohesive mass. As a result, surgeons can place Actifuse ABX directly into the operative site.

The unique, silicate substituted calcium phosphate chemistry of Actifuse is a significant advance in synthetic bone graft technology and provides surgeons with a safe and effective alternative to autograft, allograft, DBMs and BMPs. Actifuse enhances the formation of bone and improves the subsequent organization and strength of the graft/host bone composite structure. Unlike traditional calcium phosphate based products, Actifuse is steadily and predictably remodeled by the host biology over time, ensuring that sufficient conductive scaffold remains for the duration of new bone growth and its subsequent maturation.