Synthes LISS combines a new concept of implants and instruments with a minimally invasive approach. The LISS concept is now extended to the proximal tibia. LISS Proximal Lateral.

Tibia (PLT) offers a minimally invasive procedure for the fixation of metaphyseal fractures in the proximal tibia. This new system compliments LISS Distal Femur (DF), which is used for the minimally invasive treatment of metaphyseal fractures in the distal femur.

LISS PLT and DF consist of anatomically contoured plates with screws that lock into the plate, together acting as a locked internal fixator. The forces are transferred from the bone to the plate via the locking screw. Compression of the plate to the bone is not required to achieve stability; hence periosteal blood supply is preserved. Special instruments and insertion guides allow the plates to be slid under the muscle and screws inserted percutaneously via small stab incisions, ensuring an atraumatic technique. LISS is a further advance in biological fracture treatment in the Synthes range.