Sports injuries present the surgeon with a demanding challenge to enable the athlete to return to pre-injury performance capability. What happens post surgery, ie the healing process and rehabilitation programme, is perhaps equally as important as the surgery itself in getting athletes as close to pre-injury performance as possible.

It is well documented that heat plays an important role in soft tissue extensibility, though it is often over-looked. Heat applied before rehabilitation enables patients to achieve a greater range of motion than if heat is not used and this has bearings for the way new tissues, including scar tissue, are formed.

Increasing numbers of patients are using Thermotex Infrared Therapy Systems post surgery as part of a structured rehabilitation process. The resonant wave of FAR infrared from Thermotex stimulates cells to in increase temperatures at twice the tissue depths of conventional heating products.

For improved joint mobility post surgery, pain relief and increased blood flow to soft tissues, the ease of application and the sustained constant heat of Thermotex give surgeons a tool which many athletes will welcome.