Over nine million people in the UK suffer from Arthritis and are looking for an aid to control their symptoms. Love Those Shoes offers the solution with a pair of shoes.

Earth footwear has an orthopaedically contoured footbed, designed with an anatomic arch support and is cushioned with Gelron2000 memory gel to support the foot. Your toes have more room in the toe box, relieving the pain of trying to tempt your foot into a cramped shoe. Chronic back pain is a common symptom of arthritis; this can also be alleviated with Earth.

The footwear helps to shift your body weight back subtly, with Kalso Negative Heel Technology; a unique design that positions your toes higher than your heels. The slight incline re-distributes the bodys weight back over the heels, meaning that there is less pressure on your back.

Earth footwear is available from 39.00