Reaching New Levels in Synthetic Bone Grafting

ApaTech announces the launch of Actifuse MIS, a revolutionary addition to the Companys product line.

Actifuse MIS a unique, purpose designed applicator provides unprecedented access to the graft site for surgeons performing open and minimally invasive procedures and who require a synthetic bone graft ready for immediate use.

Actifuse MIS is ideal for use in a range of spine and orthopaedic procedures and the applicator facilitates controlled bone graft delivery with flexible, replacement cartridges (20cm/8inches long) for fast and precise graft placement.

Actifuse MIS is designed for single patient use only and there are two sterile packs available. The main pack contains an applicator plus one cartridge and there is a separate pack containing one refill cartridge available for procedures with an increased volume requirement. Each cartridge is filled with 7.5ml of Actifuse ABX for rapid, high quality bone formation.

The unique, silicate substituted, calcium phosphate chemistry of Actifuse is a significant advance in synthetic bone graft technology providing:

  • An optimized, osteostimulative scaffold that enhances bone formation
  • A safe and effective alternative to both autograft and allograft.
  • Steady and predictable remodelling by the patients own biology over time