By: 1 July 2008

Siemens has unveiled a new ultrasound system which combines the flexibility, usability and mobility of a laptop, with the excellent image quality of a full conventional ultrasound system.

Designed to take ultrasound scans anywhere, the ACUSON P50 can easily be carried to locations within the hospital environment, such as cardiology, vascular and intensive care units and also to external locations such as sports fixtures.

The device weighs just 5 Kgs, runs as a Microsoft Windows application on an Apple MacBook Pro notebook and is an advanced portable ultrasound system. A sliding control panel on the laptop enables clinicians to perform ultrasound exams, process images and generate reports. Workflow can be streamlined due to faster patient setup, quicker image review, immediate access to archived data and simple reporting. The versatility of the system means users will also be able to view email and access the Internet on the same unit.

The ACUSON P50 offers high quality imaging through excellent tissue differentiation and high spatial and temporal resolution. A variety of clinical situations can be catered for due to exceptional colour and Doppler sensitivity, the option of 2D imaging in harmonic and fundamental modes and M-mode and anatomical M-modes.

The portability of the P50 makes it suitable for a diverse range of treatment locations, from hospital operating theatres and treatment rooms, to sports injuries at remote locations, states Declan Dunphy, Manager of Products Performance at Siemens. When you consider its an advanced ultrasound system that can also be used as normal laptop, its versatility is quite astounding. We expect this system to increase productivity in a variety of clinical areas.

The easy to use, intuitive user interface means that clinicians can focus on the patient. On screen menus provide easy access to secondary imaging controls, while a full QWERTY keyboard allows instant text entry. The monitor has a high ultrasound resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels True Colour, with the ability to display multiple images in split screen.