By: 1 October 2008

Part of the the Equinoxe Shoulder System, the Equinoxe Reverse is designed to maintain center of rotation and restore the anatomic tension of the remaining intact rotator cuff muscles and deltoid, allowing for maximised range of motion, improved stability and bone conservation.

Maximised Range of Motion
The glenoid plate is inferiorly shifted, so that the fixation can remain in the centre of the glenoid while ensuring inferior glenosphere overhang, thereby minimising the scapular notching.

Improved stability
Large diameter glenospheres provide a larger arc of motion, greater resistance to dislocation and better tensioning of the intact rotator cuff muscles.

Strong fixation
Compression screws, which can be inserted with up to 30 degrees angle variability through any of the 6 holes, ensure a strong and reliable fixation. The central keel is a cage that is filled with bone, allowing for bone through-growth.

The components build off the existing Equinoxe Primary humeral stems, which enables easy conversion and keeps the same surgical technique.