SoPlus announces its new Ultra system of power tools. Based on a single hand- piece, which can be powered by battery and AC adapter. With a comprehensive range of interchangeable attachments, Ultra may be used by surgeons to drill and saw for all types of small bones, trauma and sports surgery.

The SoPlus Ultra systems advanced technology features a very high-power electronically-controlled electric motor for extra power and reliability, high-capacity lithium rechargeable batteries, which last three times longer during surgery compared with standard Ni-Cad batteries used by all other power tools manufacturers.

Last but not least, Ultra features is 30% lighter than its competitors, providing the surgeons with an ease of use never obtained until now.

Further to the tremendous success of Universal (released earlier in 2008), Ultra is the second product from the new SoPlus innovative portfolio and will be available early next year.

SoPlus is the new brand of Sodem Systems, based in Geneva, Switzerland, a leader in orthopaedic power instruments for 25 years.