Biocomposites introduces geneX putty, a unique synthetic bone graft in the form of an easy to use putty.

geneX putty possesses a consistent controlled negative surface charge. This initiates reproducible cell activity, driving endochondral ossification as the putty is fully resorbed and replaced by bone.

geneX putty has been designed with an optimised composition of ߭tricalcium phosphate and an ultra pure calcium sulphate component, produced by a patented manufacturing process.

Presented in a pre-loaded syringe, geneX putty combines optimised handling and unmatched migration resistance with unique surface chemistry to trigger osteoblast differentiation for superior bone growth.

geneX is the only synthetic biomaterial to show spine fusion equivalent to autograft when used as a stand alone graft material in the clinically relevant Boden rabbit model1. This response has previously only been demonstrated using BMPs. Biocomposites has again shown its capability to offer innovative and cost effective products to the surgeon. We were the first company to bring resorbable calcium composite devices to the field of arthroscopic sports medicine and this latest first in bone grafting for spine and trauma is a reflection of the companys focus to develop biomaterials that stimulate the appropriate cell response in-vivo.